May 12, 2022

Transfer of stress

George Soros is a legendary billionaire investor who is known to be great at reading the markets. One of his secrets is his ability to listen to his instincts and body. “The reason he changes his position on the market or whatever is because his back starts killing him,” Robert, his son once said. “It has nothing to do with reason. He literally goes into a spasm, and it’s this early warning sign.” Soros discovered that he has physical reactions when something feels off about his stock portfolio and used that as a trigger to re-evaluate his choices.

Only when I started to manage people and deliverables did I experience something remotely close. For me, it was the transfer of stress. If there is a deliverable that I am responsible for, I usually have some associated stress with it. Let’s say I delegate the work to another person. If I trust the person to deliver and that person steps up, the stress also goes with the deliverable. Magically, it is as if the stress leaves me and transfers to that person completely. I can often see some stress in the other person as they assume accountability.

If I still feel stressed or anxious about the deliverable, I know that the trust in the other person has not been developed fully and I need to monitor the project and work with that person closely. Over the years, this simple technique has worked wonders as I can tell from my own stress level where to focus my efforts and who to work closer with.

Does your body give you signals regarding any aspects of your work?

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