January 8, 2022

Gratitude (managers)

Reactions and comments fly in faster than I can respond to, often from familiar names that transport me back in time. Bonds continue where they left off from years back. Thank you for the heart-warming reception and support of the newly launched book, “Deliver.” Though I have always been social media shy, I hope to post more in 2022 to discuss topics around personal and professional growth, and wherever else that peaks the interest.

For the next few posts, I want to focus on personal thank you’s. There never seems to be a perfect time to thank people along our life’s path (thanks for introducing that term Nanj). For me, the pace of life these days seems permanently stuck on hyperdrive, constantly craving and rushing towards that next activity like our lives depended on it. Celebratory and reflective moments are as rare as seeing a shooting star, especially under the bright lights of Manila.

Launching a book seems like as good a time as any to thank people. Like all good things in life, I will break it up into three buckets (mentors, unsung heroes, and role models). Today I will focus on managers who have made a significant impact on me. These are the people who have guided and supported me under their watch.

  • Troy Stevenson: One reason why I have been at #Uber for close to 8 years is because you have been my manager for over 5 of those years! You are thoughtful, patient, and allow me room to explore new ideas. Thank you for being such an incredible leader and manager.

  • Mike Brown/ Tim Collins: Mike, you took a chance on me and opened the doors to Silicon Valley. Tim, you guided me with your expertise in running global operations and gave me that initial confidence that I, too, can do that.

  • Vik Krishnan: Though we were classmates at #Wharton, you were also my first manager at #OliverWyman. I never felt so unprepared going into the world of strategy consulting, yet never more supported. The foundational skills you taught around problem solving and storytelling are ingrained in me.

  • Greg Murray/ Mike Driscoll/ Rob Smallwood: You were my original set of managers who introduced me to the corporate world. Your focus on teaching me the basics has given birth to new onboarding programs at #Uber since I know it matters to one’s career.

You all have influenced how I think, how I communicate, and how I deliver. In a true symbiotic manner, I have passed that on to others and hopefully in ways just as impactful. I am forever grateful.

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