January 1, 2022

Launch of the book, Deliver.

Today I am thrilled to announce the publication of my second book! The book is called “Deliver. The untaught lessons to growth hack your career” and the book is being published by Anvil Publishing. Here is the story of how the book came to be.

My childhood home speaks to me. Flashes from various parts of the house resurface joyful and formative memories that have made imprints on who I am and where I want to go.

Recently, I recalled the image of seeing 爸爸 (pronounced as “baa-ba” and what I call my father in Mandarin) marking up the notepad at his basement desk, often with a steaming pot of oolong tea to keep him company. Both of my parents were college professors in Taiwan. While I complained about hours of studying, I witnessed 爸爸 pull all-nighters writing and editing textbooks for middle and high school students out of a sheer desire to help others through education.

媽媽 (pronounced as “maa-ma” and what I call my mother in Mandarin) gave up her teaching career in Taiwan to give my siblings and I better educational opportunities in the US. For 16 years, she raised us in the US while my dad worked to support us from Taiwan. While her daily activities used to be filled with social gatherings with friends and family, in the US, we were alone. Every part of the house told that story. From the gardening tools hanging in the garage to the sports equipment collecting dust in the attic, the companions of 媽媽 became new hobbies by herself or attending to my hobbies. All in the name of education.

My childhood home is a constant reminder that my family values education, both educating ourselves and others. Some say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I never thought that was true given that my career path took a different route than my parents. However, in whatever I did, my approach to the role always wandered in the direction with the focus on people and on education. The thought of making a lasting contribution beyond my business role and following in the footsteps of my parents gives me the chills. I would be proud for the apple to fall close to the tree.

Through my educational and professional career, I sought to improve myself continuously and had been codifying how to learn key principles quickly. I have shared nuggets of these insights to my teams and the impact has been career changing for some. Writing a book to teach the set of learning in a structured, entertaining way was a goal that I thought would happen when I retired, but then the lockdowns of COVID-19 gave me the chance to do it now.

After writing and editing for hundreds of hours during early mornings and weekends since April 2020, the manuscript is finally complete. My dream is to contribute to the education of students and new graduates with lessons that were not taught to me in school but lessons that materially improved my career. The result is a book called "Deliver. The untaught lessons to growth hack your career.”

The book is being published by the amazing team at Anvil Publishing, with the ordering information below.

When I visit my childhood home next, I will be thrilled to add to its stories with a copy of Deliver. on the bookshelf next to where 爸爸 wrote his books.

—------- Here is where you can order or pre-order the books —-------

Print version

  • Philippines: In the Philippines, the print version will be available at National Bookstore in the Philippines in January and can be ordered directly from Anvil Publishing (link here), from Shopee (link here), or from Lazada (link here).

  • Outside of the Philippines: For outside of the Philippines, the printed book can be purchased on Amazon (link here) in the US, Australia, Japan, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France.

Electronic version (pre-order for Feb 1, 2022 release)

  • Amazon Kindle: You can pre-order here (link here) for a February 1, 2022 release.

  • Other publishers: Other publishers such as Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, etc coming soon…