Wen-Szu Lin


Wen-Szu is a Senior Director at Uber Technologies. Over the past eight years, Wen-Szu built, grew, and managed teams of thousands across Australia, New Zealand, India, North Asia, Southeast Asia (now part of Grab), and China (now part of Didi).

Wen-Szu is the author of "Deliver. The untaught lessons to growth hack your career," where he uses easy-to-follow techniques told through engaging stories to teach timeless lessons on how to be a great individual contributor, how to be a great collaborator, and how to be a great leader. In 2012, Wen-Szu published his first book named "The China Twist," where he tells the adventure of becoming the Master Francisee and launching an iconic American snack brand, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, in mainland China.



Deliver. draws from Wen-Szu's years of diverse professional experience to provide a practical and thoughtful primer for everyone venturing into the corporate world for the first time and professionals steeling themselves for that next big step in their career. Each chapter offers a structured set of learnings, combing theoretical frameworks and real-world examples to help the reader effectively manage the self and others in the workplace.

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The China Twist

The China Twist is the firsthand story of two Wharton MBAs who brought a beloved U.S. food franchise to China and encountered outrageous obstacles that will make anyone in business laugh, cringe, and think twice about doing business in Asia.

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